Changing Things Up

Although I hope that you are enjoying my blog posts, I recognize that, as for any good blog, there is room for improvement. After all my purpose is to bring forward the problems affecting pedestrians, and help alleviate them.

As of Tuesday, May 3, my blog has received 111 views total from my six blog posts and I have two followers. All that I have done to promote my blog so far is by sending a few of my articles to friends and family, and I have been utilizing the tag functions on WordPress.

Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t seem to be driving in any conversation on the internet (whether it be through comments or emails). However, most of the views I have received are from the stories where I identify different kinds of technology that pedestrians can utilize, particularly in this area.

I, as well as some of my peers, have looked over my blog with a critical eye and found some of the more successful parts of my blog. Breaking up the text with subheads and lists was one of the strengths identified within my blog.

However, there are a few areas where I plan to improve in my final few posts.

1. Change up my writing style. 

Emily Barbero, one of my readers, suggested having more posts that focus on individual people, rather than general informative posts. I agree with this criticism and will work on it in future posts.

2. Include more appealing photos.

Nicole Horton, author of Yogis of San Luis Obispo, suggested for me to add more photos in my posts.

Pictures have the ability to make or break a blog. So far, my pictures have functioned to support my writing. However, there is room for pictures to add so much more to the story than I could express in words. I will work to utilize the dramatic impact that photos can have on my blog.

Vineetha Ramesh, author of Musicians of San Luis Obispo, suggested that I make the images on my blog larger. I really like this idea and will incorporate it more.

3. More Sources!

Nicole also mentioned that having more expert sources in my articles would bring in a different perspective. I couldn’t agree more, and I will find a wider variety of sources to include in my blog for the future.

4. Tie in more technology.

Sidney Williams, author of SLOwly Kicking the Bucket, suggested to include more app based stories, so I will definitely include more of those in the future.

If any readers have any problems that they face as a pedestrian, let me know so I can address that in my blog.

I hope you continue to enjoy Peds Declassified.


One thought on “Changing Things Up

  1. weird weekends says:

    Good luck with these changes… I am new to this blogging thing as well…. I am going to also try some of your changes on mine and see what happens. Thanks for posting this…


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