Uber For Food

It was a late night in her dorm room and Katie Williams did not want to have another Starbucks meal this week. She had the choice between braving Vista Grande’s (affectionally called VG’s) late night breakfast burritos or trying a new app everyone had been raving about.

Williams immediately downloaded EnvoyNow, ordered SLODOCO, and never looked back. About 15 minutes later, she was greeted by a fellow Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student who brought her donuts right to her dorm.

“Food on campus can be repetitive so this helps me get away from eating the same thing every day,” said Williams.

IMG_1471 copy
Emily Barbero ordering SLODOCO on the EnvoyNow app. Photo by Taylor Barnett.

The Inspiration:

EnvoyNow was inspired by a similar situation a few USC students experienced: wanting food but not wanting to go far to get it. There was a huge demand for a service that delivered food directly to students and EnvoyNow was born.

Since then, they have expanded their service from USC to many other college campuses including Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC San Diego, and Michigan State. If you want EnvoyNow at your school just fill out a request form on their website.

Screenshot of some of the restaurants EnvoyNow provides to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Screenshot by Taylor Barnett.

How It Works:

  • It employs “envoys” who are students from a  college to deliver food to their campus exclsively. These students are familiar with the campus and have the same access as you, meaning they can deliver your Taco Bell directly to your table on the 2nd floor of Kennedy Library. “Envoys” make a profit from the flat $2.99 delivery fee.
  • EnvoyNow partners with restaurants that are close to the campus so they can offer a  variety of food for any of your cravings.
  • They work directly with Campus Managers that are hired to help them reach out to that college and local community.

Not Just Another Food Delivery App:

Gabe Quintela, the COO and co-founder of EnvoyNow, contributes their success to exclusively employing students that go to the university they are delivering to.

“It comes down to the exclusive student delivery. We can get directly into the classroom and the library,” said Quintela. 

EnvoyNow can be downloaded to your mobile device from the App Store.

Emily Barbero’s delivery is delayed until more envoys are available. Photo by Taylor Barnett.

Another app, Joy Run, is local to San Luis Obispo and serves the Cal Poly community with different local restaurants.

“I was sitting in my lecture in the business silo, and all of the sudden I look up to see this guy holding trenta sized Starbucks in each hand. The entire class is staring at him and he just says, “is Jacob here?” The guy behind me raises his hand and has his Starbucks delivered to him in the middle of class,” said Sarah Wix.

This is just an example of the convenience that both these apps provide by being a business centered around college students.


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