5 Reasons You Should Download Walc Right Now

Walc is not your typical navigation app. This app was created with pedestrians in mind, so   you can arrive at your destination without making any wrong turns.

Here are 5 reasons why Walc should be the next app you download on your phone:

1. It uses landmarks instead of cardinal directions.


Say goodbye to trying to figure out which way is south east, Walc will help you know which way to turn based on identifiable buildings.

The app will ask you to turn after notable restaurants like Chipotle, Starbucks, or Jamba Juice.

2. You can choose your exact location as a starting point. 

IMG_0334No need to plug in an address, it will use your current location setting to get a general feel for where you are, then you can drag the starting point accordingly. This helps to localize your directions from exactly where you are within a building.

3. Walc uses minutes instead of miles.


Instead of gauging when you need to turn by giving you a distance, Walc provides the time it will take until the next direction.

   4. The directions are for people, not for cars.

Because this app was specifically designed for people walking to their destination, you won’t have to take streets that only car navigation systems are familiar with. This will help you arrive to your destination quicker.

5. It counts steps and calories.


In addition to giving you the miles you traveled in your route, it will tell you how many steps you too and how many calories you burned.

Check out Walc’s YouTube video on their vision of how this app will change the world.


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