Looking Forward

Unfortunately, I don’t have a full blog post for you this week. However, get excited for next week because I have something big planned.

This blog was inspired by my own personal struggles as a first year college student without a car, however, I am looking to help those students who will soon be in my she’s next year.

One of the biggest decisions for new college students is whether or not to bring their car to college. Like any decision, this one certainly has it’s pros and cons. Next week will be a video blog exploring all the facets of being a first year with a car and what it entails. Will it even get use? Will everyone ask me for rides? Will I have to pay a fortune for gas? Tune in next week for an answer to all your questions and a preview of how having a car works for first year students at Cal Poly.


Next Thursday’s video  will give a behind-the-scenes look from Rory Amunrud’s perspective. The video will feature a few interviews with some of his peers that rely on him to get around.

If you have any questions or comments you want me to ask them go ahead and comment here, I’d love to hear from you.


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