Thank You

Image of Urban Crosswalk via Pixabay and used here with a Creative Commons license. No attribution available.

Peds Declassified was created with the purpose of helping to serve the pedestrian population of this world and to make their lives easier. This was a subject that I felt strong enough about to use as the subject for my journalism class.

With that being said, in a few weeks Peds Declassified will not continue on as an active blog. At the beginning of the class I made a list of all the topics I would like to cover within this blog, and I have completed that list. I feel that for now, I have served this audience to the best of my ability and I would like to thank all of my active readers and followers.

Over the course, this blog has received 221 views and 59 visitors from all over the place including the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Vietnam, and Israel. Finishing out with 9 likes, 3 comments, and 4 followers, I am pretty satisfied.

My most visited post was “No Car? There’s an App for That.” The post that I enjoyed making the most was “Uber for Food.”  Sidney Williams, author of SLOwly Kicking the Bucket said, “That’s so cool how you have viewers from other countries. Your blog was so helpful to me, being a pedestrian, so thank you.”




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